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Specialist wedding photography

Our team of experienced wedding photographers are available for shooting weddings in any location or province in South Africa, Swaziland or Mozambique.  Our services include digital photography, printed wedding albums and canvass prints.

Nico Conradie, based in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, is a specialist bush wedding photographer - operating into the Kruger National Park, the luxury game lodges of the Sabi Sands and the Timbavati - African Safari wedding destinations favoured by especially overseas couples.

You may also find Nico on Facebook or view some of the work by our Associated photographers at for more examples.


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An uncle with a very good camera. Wedding photography is the most demanding and challenging genre of photography. It asks for technical and social skill sets that can only be honed with experience.

Choose a photographer with a proven ability to take top class wedding photographs time after time, and not one with a handful of lucky shots assembled into a never changing portfolio.

Your photographer should also have good computer editing skills - much of the look and feel to an album can be added during post-processing of the original images.

Don’t plan for much photography directly before the ceremony, apart from a few snapshots of you getting ready. You won’t feel totally relaxed and should rather enjoy the final preparations with those closest to you.




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The style of your pictures will be dictated by things such as the occasion, the venue and the décor, as well as your personality. We are merely there to interpret the circumstances and to ensure that you will always have fond, but top quality memories to share with family and friends. 



Late afternoon light is best for wedding photographs. The ideal is to have about ninety minutes available after your ceremony until sunset. If you can't get the timing right, then it is not a train-smash - your photographer should be able to adjust to all lighting conditions!

Compile a list of group photographs to be taken, and ask the best man to assist the photographer in calling the groups together. Do the group pictures directly after the ceremony for best convenience.

Ask the bridesmaids to keep powder and lip gloss at hand for touching up when needed, especially on a hot day.

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Standard option

COST = R 5 900*
Photography begins about an hour before the ceremony while you are getting dressed. The photographer pops in once in a while for a few casual shots of you and your assistants, spend the time in-between on photographing your décor, and to take a few shots of the boys if they are nearby. Then follows the full ceremony, group photographs and about an hour's photography of the bride and groom on their own.  We take enough (anything between 200 and 400) professional pictures, some formal, some posed and some candid i.e. almost paparazzi-style.

This standard option does not include your reception, which you might want to be covered by a friend instead, especially if it is a small and private function.

You get a CD with all the pictures in high resolution, and will therefore always be able to make reprints of any size  in years to come.  Pictures are all first carefully edited for printing purposes, i.e. adjusted for contrast and lighting, while a selection of them gets converted into sepia and black and white, at no additional cost.

Prints and albums etc are available as optional extras. See underneath.


Extended option

COST = R 9 500*

This package is exactly the same as for the standard option mentioned above, but our services are extended to include photography during the reception until all formalities are over - latest 22:00. Accommodation would sometimes have to be provided for the photographer with this option... especially if you have a remote location.



Celebrity option

COST= R19 500*
For the uncompromising bride who doesn't shy away from the spotlight and who possesses a real taste for glamour and style. We take on-location wedding photography to the extreme by adding portable studio lights to the equation - thus allowing for images of distinction, suitable for any high-street fashion magazine!  

This studio-like scenario will follow you around to the reception - where your fancy décor, careful table settings, flowers and the like -   will form the perfect backdrop to stylish and distinctively classy images of you and your guests having THE party of your life...

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Since we live in a digital world, your pics as delivered on CD, allow you full access to printing and editing facilities near you. Courier costs may easily outweigh printing costs - especially true for our many overseas clients. But then, you may want to entrust your printing into the hand of professionals!


Album set

COST = R1 600**
This set of prints should enable you to build a nice wedding album containing enough variety and a full overview of your wedding, without being boring to eager but impatient friends and family!

It includes 120 jumbo sized prints (10x15cm each) and  20 A4 enlargements. There are two ways of choosing images to be printed. Either you wait for the CD and email us the image numbers, or you leave the selection to our discression.


Hardbound coffee table book

Albums considered "old fashioned" by some. The main reason being the fact that they are often cumbersome and difficult to handle - and hence they invariably end up  in a cupboard somewhere, to be dusted and shared once in a blue moon. Hard cover durable coffee table books on the contrary, provide a professional, durable and easily accessible alternative. Have three or more printed as display pieces, gifts, and backups.
COST = R4 500**
Additional copies = R900 ea. **
Design, layout and printing of a 300 x 300 mm 36 page wedding book with custom printed hard cover. Includes editing of all images used.

Canvass prints

COST = R3 500 ea.**
Decorate your bedroom, living area or lounge with a wall hanging that is really personal and dear to you. Select one or two really special images for us to edit into a masterpiece - in the colours and style of your home décor. We will then print them on painting-like colourfast canvass material for you to block-mount or frame as your own personal creation and statement of art. Size: 100cm x 150cm.


* Travel costs

Travel costs MIGHT apply, depending on the travel distance between our photographer and your venue.

** Courier costs

Postage and courier costs are excluded from these offerings. Indicative costs are:

CD: R80
Album prints: R250
Coffee table book: R250
Canvass print: R250

These costs will be charged at actual rates, depending on your location.



Bookings are accepted based on availability and receipt of a 50% deposit on a first come first served basis.

To confirm a booking we need the following:

Your package option, wedding date, location and time - by phone or email.
Confirmation to you of our availability for that date.
Email from you to confirm your booking as well as confirmation of payment of your 50% booking confirmation fee (cancellations and refunds will apply up to 30 days prior to the wedding date).

Bank details: N Conradie. Absa Bank, Nelspruit, Acc nr  9219371475

Proof of payment sent to any of these, with your name as reference:

SMS: +27 (0) 82 600 5142

Contact us:

Nico Conradie
Photonetwork Studio  Nelspruit
Tel: +27 82 600 5142

Bank details: N Conradie. Absa Bank, Nelspruit, Acc nr 9219371475.